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This Girl Can Extended Exam Question

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1 A Media Revision

Component 1 - Section B FORTNITE

GQ Summary & B Fisher links to C1 texts

KO - THE SUN 2021 Industry and Audience


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Media Studies GCSE KOs


The Archers

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This Girl Can

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Quality Street

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YouTube Videos

Below are some helpful videos from Mrs. Fishers channel on YouTube. This playlist covers useful information about the set texts in this module. I would suggest visiting her YouTube channel as she has a playlists for almost all areas of study.

GCSE Media - Pride Magazine - Media Language & Representation
GCSE Media Studies - GQ Magazine - Media Language & Representation
GCSE Media - The Sun - Industries
GCSE Media - The Sun - Audiences
GCSE Media - The Sun 2020 Exam - Media Language & Representation
GCSE Media - Guardian - Media Language & Representation
GCSE - The Man With The Golden Gun - Media Language & Representation
GCSE - Spectre Poster - Media Language & Representation